System Design of a Machine Vision Aided Autonomous Tail Tagging Robot Driven Using Fuzzy Logic Control

This project was inspired by the global interest on technological improvements, specifically in robotics it aims to develop a prospect competition using a similar set-up with the Micro Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament (MiroSot).

This study will engage in several systems to develop a dynamic sharp sensing and real-time control of robot using a computer for aid in vision and in decision making. Two mobile robots will simultaneously try to tag the tail of the opposing robot while preventing its tail to be tagged. The tail-tagging vision system provides robot sensing. Image processing and analysis is then executed by the host computer for localization, or object recognition. A fuzzy control system provides logic to the mobile robot based on pre-defined actions settable by stat allocation. Finally, a Bluetooth communications system bridges contact on Quad-core CPUs – adopting multi-threaded software development techniques. This features enhances the speed response of the system. The robot hardware designed to be compact, as it adheres to micro-robot sizes. A pair of Faulhaber 2224 brushless DC motors, a Bluetooth module, and a Zilog microcontroller constitutes the robot electronics.

The investment in powerful hardware backed by well-engineered software makes the system design competition ready._

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